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"Kindie Rock Pioneers" --The Times Of India

"One of the best new children's albums" --USA Today & Parents Magazine

Kindie Rock musicians trade beer cans for juice boxes --The Seattle Times

The Kindie Music Movement "Mash Up" on Sirius/XM --Kids Place Live

"Spare the Rock, spoil the child: Kindie music takes off" --Today Show, Mom Blog

Seattle: Ground Zero for Cool Kids' Music?

Ready Or Not! (2018 Release)

"I love the way these guys fully commit to crafting legit power pop/rock songs that celebrate the world of today’s kids"--Kenny Curtis, Program Director, Sirius XM Radio/Kids Place Live

"Upbeat messages that touched on education and the world around us"--Seattle's Child

"While “Ready or Not!” has an awesome rock vibe, it is easy on the ears, which is a must for me"--A Nation Of Moms

"One of my favorite bands in the kindie rock scene"--The Rock Father

"A multi-layered sonic exploration of the adventure of childhood"--Broadway World

Are You Listening? (2016 Release)

"Sharp and witty lyrics with strong vocals are on full display"

"...Music that blows the doors off...that doesn’t try to be cool; it is cool"--Cool Mom Picks

"The Not-Its! perfect children's indie rock."--Northwest Music Scene

"Are You Listening is high-energy, and the CD is a fun listen whether the kids want to jump around to something at home or if you want to power through a road trip without the kids getting too bored in the car."--A Nation Of Moms

"...fizzy & playful...It's ear candy for your favorite first-grader"

Raise Your Hand (2014 Release)

"Smart, catchy children's music." --USA Today Pop Candy

"...the tunes on Raise Your Hand explore themes of determination, taking pride in one's individuality, accepting and celebrating differences, the ups and downs of parenthood, and, well, the joys of being a kid!"

"Raise Your Hand is the perfect soundtrack for a playful summer day spent outside in the sunshine." --Seattle's Child

"THE NOT-ITS! are one of my favorite bands on the "Kindie" scene" --The Rock Father

KidQuake! (2013 Release)

"One of the best kids' music CDs of 2013"

"KidQuake! is their best album yet, a blast of fresh air, and a ton of fun."

"They pull no punches, satisfying that indie-itch for parents like me." --Cool Mom Picks

"KidQuake! really rocks. It's one of the best-produced Kindie releases I've heard in some time." --LA Parent

Tag, You're It! (2011 Release)

"I recommend this album, but be warned you will be listening to it over and over and over." --Charlotte Parent

"If you're only going to spend one stinkin' dollar on kid's music this year, 'Mathematics' by The Not-Its! is the only song you should consider." --OWTK

"The Not-Its! New Release is a Keeper" --The Seattle Times

"The leadoff track is everything a summertime hit should be"

Time Out To Rock (2010 Release)

"The kindie music equivalent to a summer movie blockbuster" --Time Out New York KIDS

"The band is as adult savvy as it is kid-friendly" --Seattle Magazine

We Are The Not-Its! (2009 Release)

Fids & Kamiliy Award!

"Their debut CD makes me want to pull over to the side of the playground, open the hatchback and turn the volume up as high as it'll go...Yes, it's that good." --Cool Mom Picks

"One of the Most Promising Debuts of the Year" --Cookie Magazine

"This disc is a treat"