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Danny, Jennie, Michael, Sarah, & Tom.

For 10 years now, The Not-Its! have rocked kids and families with their up-tempo albums and live concerts that give children their first "rock show" experience. With the release of their seventh studio album, Ready Or Not!, this Seattle "Kindie Rock" quintet will have children and their parents on their feet screaming for more, the moment they hit the dance floor!

They are Sarah Shannon (former singer Sub Pop band Velocity Girl), Danny Adamson (rhythm guitar), Tom Baisden (lead guitar), Jennie Helman (bass player) and Michael Welke (former drummer of Harvey Danger). As parents, they add 10 children to the crowd, ranging in ages 7-15. Since 2008 they have been poised to keep their families and yours dancing along at their live shows as well as to their recorded albums, and with their much anticipated seventh album, Ready Or Not!, it is clear they have no intention of slowing down!

So grab your pink & black tutus and skinny ties and join The Not-Its! Nation!

Parental Advisory Warning-
This music is to be listened to under the supervision of children!


Name: Sarah Shannon

Hobbies: Gardening, exercise, cooking, swimming & hiking

Pets: A Cat Named Jolene

Children: Josie (age 10) and Norah (age 12)

Where Did You Grow Up?: I found my true north in the music programs at the public schools I attended (keep funding music for our kids!!). I honed my skills in choirs and musicals, then made my way to the opera program at The University of Maryland.

Every band you've ever been in: After graduating from UMD I took a left turn and joined the indierock band Velocity Girl. VG released 3 albums on Sub Pop and toured extensively in the US and Europe. We also tried to look young and brooding on the covers of numerous alt-rock rags.

I put out two solo albums in the early aughts, one of which made Amazon’s top 100 picks of the year.

I then took another left turn (do two lefts make a right?) and focused on building a family. That's when I joined forces with my friends to form The Not-Its!. 10 years in, this is definitely the most joyful musical endeavor I have been a part of.

Last Album You Listened To: OK Computer by Radiohead

Favorite Chidren's Book: The Velveteen Rabbit. A little sad, but very sweet.

Name 3 cool "kindie rock" bands NOT from Seattle: The Pop-Ups, Gustafer Yellowgold, Alphabet Rockers

Other Day Job besides awesome parent: Rockaboo Music and Movement. Created and taught in pre-schools by Me!


Name: Danny Adamson

Hobbies: Basketball, Going to the Movies & Traveling

Pets: Ringo the chihuahua & Jetson the crazy lab

Children: Henry (age 15) & Elliott (age 13)

Every band you've ever been in: The Not-Its!, Kentucky Pistol, Kill Sadie, Waffle Stomper, The Green, Merkin, The Terrorists, 80s Head

Last album you listened to: Air Supply-Greatest Hits

Where did you grow up?: As a little kid, I lived in Seattle. Then my parents moved to Redmond in 2nd grade. That was pre-Microsoft. Well...they only had 2 buildings then and when I got a little bit older, we used to go skateboarding in their parking garage and get chased out by the 3 security guards. They're a little bit bigger now.

Favorite children's book: I'm not sure it's really a "book" but I was obsessed with the Sesame Street Encyclopedia set. I actually still have them.

Name 3 "kindie rock" bands NOT from Seattle that you’d recommend: The Pop Ups, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Vered Ronen

Other Day Job besides rad parent: Realtor-Check out my website HERE if you dare!


Name: Thomas P. Baisden

Hobbies: Dragging my children to do any of the following: skateboarding, record store scavenger hunts, pinball, camping and hiking, riding bikes.

Pets: 2 puppy dogs: Johnny Cashew and Roxie, Bluebeard the tarantula, Chicken and Nugget the Kenyan sand boas, and Oscar the milksnake (disclaimer: Oscar lives in my classroom).

Children: Watson (age 14) Camilla (age 11)

Every band you've ever been in: Action Patrol, The Low Earth Orbits, The Episode, Out, Mostly Dimes, The Banyans, Cataldo,

Last Album You Listened To: Wolf Parade, Cry Cry Cry

Where Did You Grow Up?: All over the world, my dad was in the military. Russia, Belgium, Richmond, VA and many, many more places...

Favorite Children's Book: The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)- Roald Dahl.

Name 3 "kindie rock" bands NOT from Seattle that you’d recommend: Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, The Pop Ups, Mr. Cookie Jar

Other Day Job besides amazing parent: Elementary Special Education Teacher


Name: Jennie Helman

Hobbies: The Not-Its!; Book Club (been going since just after college); CrossFit (a.k.a. training for jumping with bass on stage); outdoor everything such as camping, skiing, biking, hiking; family time. I love cooking and entertaining!

Pets: Cats named Watson and Zelda

Children: Jaden (age 11), Kira (age 9), Camryn (age 5)

Every band you've ever been in: Micro Mini; Porter, both Seattle band and the Eisenhower Marching Band from Yakima, WA

Favorite albums of all time: Air Supply, Eurythmics & Neil Diamond Greatest Hits!; The Police-Every Breathe You Take; REM-Out Of Time; Morphine-Cure For Pain; Jackson Browne-I'm Alive; Lyle Lovett-Road To Ensenada, Fountains Of Wayne, Nil Lara....Umm. How many can I list? Did I mention Jon Denver?

Worst haircut you've had: The classic short Dorothy Hamill cut by a stylist in training when I was 10; with curly hair it turned into a fluffed version of Annie!

Favorite book: Favorite book to read to my kids, Miss Rumphius (Cooney)...And for me? Ahab's Wife (Naslund), Lonesome Dove (McMurty) and The Alchemist (Coelho)...just to name a few!

Favorite show you've played with The Not-Its!: Oh, that's hard. Every show has its sweet moments. My favorite is when the adults 'get down' with the kids-creating space for that to happen gets me most jazzed! I also love the pro-bono shows we each select each year to benefit an organization or cause; is a great way to give back to the community.

Other Day Job besides sensational parent: HR Consultant


Name: Michael Welke

Hobbies: Savor walks with my partner, snowboarding with my son, travel, sewing and apparel construction, reading

Pets: Venus the pitbull

Children: Oliver (age 10)

Every band you've ever been in: Packhorse, Heather Duby, No. 226, Apple Maggot Quarantine, Eastern Grip, Harvey Danger

Last Album You Listened To: Night Clubbing by Grace Jones

Where Did You Grow Up?: Rapid City, South Dakota

Favorite Children's Book: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Name 3 "kindie rock" bands NOT from Seattle that you’d recommend: The Pop-Ups, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Alphabet Rockers

Other Day Job besides super cool parent: The business of life and happiness